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Indian geography notes pdf II Indian geography notes pdf in English CGL


Indian geography notes pdf II Indian geography notes for UPSC pdf II Indian geography notes for competitive exams pdf II Indian geography notes pdf in English CGL II Indian geography notes for UPSC II Indian geography notes in English pdf free download II Indian geography notes for CHSL.


Indian geography notes prepared Geography short note for the competitive exam which most important to upcoming CGL, CHSL, Railway Group-D. We hope this entire short note will help to succeed in all competitive exams.

The only inhabited island of Aerial island Group is Smith Island. The Aerial island Group belongs to the North and Middle Andaman administrative area.

Sombrero Channel is located between Car Nicobar and Little Nicobar.

Marina Beach is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is the longest beach in India.

The Malwa Plateau is enclosed by Bundelkhand in the east, Aravalli in the north and Vindhyan Range in the south.

Ganga river (2525km) is the longest river in India. It originates from Gangotri glacier in Uttarakhand and falls in the Bay of Bengal. Other rivers may be longest in length but inside India, the Ganga is longest.

The Gandak River is a left-bank tributary of the Ganges in India.

Beas river is originated from the Beas Kund near Rohtang Pass. It flows along the Manali and Kullu towns and created a transverse valley which is popularly known as Kullu valley.

Betul is the tributary of Tapi (730 km) river. The other tributaries of Tapi river are Purna, Panjhra, Patk, Arunavati, Ganjal etc.

Western disturbances play an important role in precipitating additional rain during winter season in Kashmir and adjoining region.

There is the presence of high pressure around and very low pressure in the center of any tropical cyclone. It is because of the tendency of the warm air to rise and cause a drop in pressure.

🔰 Lakshadweep is the smallest (32 sq. km.) union territory of India. The capital of Lakshadweep is Kavaratti. The region is a part of the jurisdiction of the High Court of Kerala.

🔰 The coral reserves of India are Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, RaniJansi Marine National Park, Gulf of Kutch Marine National Park, Gulf of Mannar biosphere reserve.

🔰 The famous beaches located in the state of Karnataka are Panambur Beach, Karwar Beach, Malpe Beach, Maravanthe Beach, Tannirubhavi Beach, Someshwar Beach.

🔰 Gulf of Mannar separates India & Srilanka. The Tuticorin port is located near it. It is the first marine Biosphere Reserve of India. Mannar Island is located to the North-east of the Gulf of Mannar.

🔰 Campbell Bay is located in Great Nicobar island. The southernmost point of India, Indira Point is located here.

🔰 The Narmada, also known as the Rewa, is a river in central India and the fifth-longest river of India. It ranked third among the rivers that flows entirely within India, after the Godavari and the Krishna.

🔰 The Gandak River is a left-bank tributary of the Ganges in India.

🔰 The right bank tributaries of Indus river are Shyok, Gilgit, Kabul, Gomal, Kurram.

🔰 Kaveri (765 km) river is often considered as the Ganga of the south in terms of holiness. The Shivanasamudram Falls is situated on the Kaveri River.

🔰 During the winter season the temperature falls even -40° C. Wind blows from the Central Asian plateau. Snowfall occurs at least five to six months of the year. The unpredictable and untimely snowfall leads to the damage of crops and vegetation and the buildings and architectural monuments. Read more

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