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Full form of SDM I What is the function of SDM?


Who is SDM? Full form of SDM

Friends, you also want to know what the full form of SDM is and what the power of SDM is, how powerful these officers are what their work is, and how SDM is made, so this post can help you a lot because, in this post, we talked about its SDM in detail so that you can get to know it very well

Friends, as we said in our previous post about SDM, who is SDM, and how is SDM full form, exam, salary, SDM? You will find complete information about DM in it, so let’s discuss the SDM full form today.

Who is the full form of SDM?

Friends, as we know the full form of SDM: Sub-District Magistrate (Sub-District Officer) This post is also like a DM. SDM is a high-ranking government official, through which a lot of government work is done and the salaries of SDM are also very good, many young people want to be SDMs and they are also getting ready to be SDM but they are not due to lack of information. To be able to achieve their goals, if you also want to be an SDM you need to know all the information about what SDM is, SDM's full form, and how SDM can be done, you can also prepare well for its exams.

What is the function of SDM? (SDMSDM function)

The SDM full form is the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, also known as the Sub-Divisional Judge in Hindi, who has posted a sub-divisional judge in each district such as SDM, who takes care of all the land business in the entire district. SDM has control over all the tahsildars of the SDM subdivision, it is the job of the SDM to register marriages, different types of registration, different types of licenses, renewal, and the election of Lok Sabha and Assembly members. States have the right to meetings, etc., with SDM In addition, an SDM criminal branch performs various judicial functions by the Code of Conduct 1973 and other minor acts.

Full form of SDM (Full form of SDM in Hindi)

Friends, as far as I know, the last two letters of its SMD are DM and I am the complete form of DM, the District Magistrate, similarly, here S means the full form of SDM if both of them talk together: sub. The District Magistrate (Sub-District Officer) is there, now who the SDM is and what is the work of the SDM, then we will talk about it step by step.

How about SDM? (How to SDM) SDM Full-Form - Sub-Divisional Magistrate

Friends, since we know that the full form of SDM - sub-divisional magistrate such as Deputy District Officer, shows how powerful this post is, many people work hard to create SDM, but first and foremost. It is important to know what the process is mand how to prepare for it

What are the qualifications for SDM?

Dear friends, if you want to become an SDM - know the full form of the SDM Sub-Divisional Magistrate, and then first of all you need to get a bachelor's degree from an an accredited university, only after graduation, you can take the SDM exam.

Age limit for SDM

Friends, in the exams you have to be a sub-divisional magistrate, and a different age limit has been set for each category, which is as follows. 

General category

Age Limit 21 - 35

Backward Classes
Age Limit 21 - 40 |

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes 

Age Limit 21 - 45 |

SDM test pattern

You have two options for creating SDM, so you can become SDM by taking anyone.

Friends, in order to become an SDM you have to appear for the state-run PCS exam (State Public Service Commission), which is divided into three sections, which are as follows.

Preliminary examination

The main test


To become an SDM you have to pass these three tests, you can still be an SDM.

SDM full form and salary

Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) / Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) / Sub-Collector (SC) salary after the 7th pay commission would be approximately Rs. 55,000 /-.

How about SDM?

Friends, you can also take the UPSC, and CSE exams after the transparent SDM, so that the candidate
must have a bachelor's degree from any recognized university, then he can apply for the UPSC CSE exam.


UPSC CSE: The Civil Service Examination, also known as the Civil Service Examination in Hindi, is divided into 3 parts.

Preliminary examination

The main test


SDM Full-Form - Sub-Divisional Magistrate

Dear friends, if you want to be an SDM you have to pass the preliminary exam, only then you can take the main exam, the main exam is very difficult, after passing this exam the candidate is called for the interview, then the candidate becomes an IAS officer. And then the candidate is SDM

Friends, we hope that your SDM is what it is. Full details of how to complete the SDM form would have been accepted, however, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can comment.

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