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Odia grammar book for competitive exams pdf Download Now


Odia grammar book for competitive exams pdf: Odia grammar is the most essential part of the Odisha competitive exam, many students need a good Odia grammar book for a good score in the exam. So here we have given an Odia grammar book which is a good help for all students who are prepared for the Odisha state-level competitive exam it gives proper knowledge of Odia writing and speaking Odia language. This Odia grammar book PDF will also help to improve the Odia language in other states or out of Odia people, those who want to speak Odia can easily speak the Odia language with the help of the Odia grammar pdf. This Odia grammar book helps you to improve Odia grammar because it is easy to understand remind because written very simply in the Odia language.

Odia grammar book for competitive

Aspirants preparing for competitive exams in Odisha, such as the Odisha Civil Services Examination or various recruitment exams conducted by the Odisha Staff Selection Commission (OSSC), understand the significance of language proficiency in securing success. One crucial aspect of this preparation is mastering Odia grammar, which plays a pivotal role in language-based examinations. This article aims to guide candidates by recommending key Odia grammar books that serve as valuable resources for competitive exam preparation.

  1. "Odia Vyakarana" by Dr. Subrat Kumar Prusty:

    • Dr. Subrat Kumar Prusty's book is a widely acclaimed resource for mastering Odia grammar. The book covers the fundamental aspects of grammar, including syntax, morphology, and semantics. Its comprehensive approach makes it suitable for various competitive exams where a strong command of Odia language skills is essential.
  2. "Odia Bhasha Ra Sampurna Vyakarana" by Sridhara Das:

    • Sridhara Das's book is known for its detailed explanations and exhaustive coverage of Odia grammar rules. It is particularly beneficial for candidates aiming to enhance their grammatical knowledge from the basics to advanced levels. The book is designed to cater to the needs of competitive exam aspirants.
  3. "Odia Grammar" by Dr. Nityananda Patnaik:

    • Dr. Nityananda Patnaik's book is a user-friendly guide that simplifies complex grammatical concepts. It includes practice exercises and examples to reinforce learning, making it an excellent choice for those preparing for competitive exams. The book is structured to cater to both beginners and those looking for advanced insights into Odia grammar.
  4. "Odia Sahitya Ra Itihasa O Byakarana" by Dr. Sushil Kumar Patra:

    • Dr. Sushil Kumar Patra's work is a combination of Odia literature and grammar, providing aspirants with a holistic understanding of the language. The book delves into the historical evolution of the language alongside its grammatical nuances, making it a unique and insightful resource for competitive exam preparation.
  5. "Objective Odia Grammar" by Ashok Kumar Dash:

    • This book is specifically tailored for competitive exams and follows an objective-oriented approach. It includes a variety of practice questions, sample papers, and model tests, aligning with the exam patterns of popular competitive exams in Odisha. Aspirants can use this book to assess their understanding and track their progress.


In this book, students can get the seven chapters of the Odia language. All the chapters are helpful to clear the concept of students because all the chapters are important to students.


Odia grammar book pdf for the competitive exam

Odia grammar book pdf for the competitive exam: This Odia grammar book or Odia Biyakaran book also helps with the OPSC ASO exam and other exams like OSSC, OSSSC, Bed, and CHT exams. This book gives knowledge to all students of Odisha people who have the first language is Odia and other than Odia language. This book is used in class 7 and class 8 and is easily available in the online shop, in the market, and also in the available libraries in schools and colleges. This book is highly demanded because it explains every chapter clearly in Odia, for a student who wants to improve their knowledge gain of the Odia language and it is a good choice in the whole mark list of paper.

All Chapters
of This Book

Odia language,
sound, scripts, quantities, Phala, words gender, words, and masculine, Noun, Pronoun,
Verb, Adverb, Abyss.

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P K Swain Odia grammar pdf

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Mastering Odia grammar is indispensable for success in competitive exams in Odisha. Aspirants should select study materials that align with their learning preferences and the specific requirements of the exams they are preparing for. Whether it's understanding syntax, morphology, or literature-related grammar, the recommended books provide a comprehensive foundation for aspirants aiming to excel in Odia language-based competitive exams. Regular practice, combined with these valuable resources, will undoubtedly enhance candidates' language proficiency and boost their confidence in tackling the linguistic components of their chosen examinations.

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