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OSSSC PEO Previous year question paper with answer I Basic computer questions and answers pdf

OSSSC PEO Previous year question paper with answer: Those candidates who have applied for PEO can practice this computer MCQ to get good scores in the exam. This question also must important for other exams like OSSC, OPSC, and other competitive exams.

 1. Starting with Microsoft. Office 2003, Photo Editor was renamed to

A) Picture Manager

B) Paint Editor

C) Picture Editor

D) Photo Manager

Question No.2 )

Is Microsoft Works part of the Microsoft Office Suite?

A) Yes

B) No

C) Both(a)&(b)

D) None of these

Question No.3 )

A feature of MS Office that saves the document automatically after a certain interval is called

A) Auto Save

B) Backup

C) Save

D) Save As

Question No.4 )

What was the HTML editor that was part of Microsoft Office until 2003?

A) FrontPage

B) Dreamweaver

C) Explorer

D) Web Page

Question No.5 )

Which feature is used to make selected sentences to All Capital Letters or All Small Letters?

A) Change Case

B) Change the Word

C) Change Letter

D) Change the Sentence

Question No.6 )

Which of these software applications was not part of the first version of Microsoft Office?

A) Outlook

B) MS Word

C) Paint

D) PowerPoint

Question No.7 )

To go to a specific location in a document we use

A) Bookmark

B) Macro

C) Hypertext

D) Table of Contents

Question No.8 )

Office 365 is now the most popular cloud application in the world. But when did it debut?

A) 2011

B) 2010

C) 2014

D) 2008

Question No.9 )

Which one is the most suitable reason to use Macro in MS Office (Word, Excel, PPT, etc.)?

A) To automate repetitive tasks

B) To Record Mouse Move

C) To Record Sound

D) To Record keystroke

Question No.10 )

Can we edit a Macro programmatically after recording it?

A) Yes

B) No

C) Both(a)&(b)

D) None of these

Question No.11 )

We can start MS Word by typing in the Run Dialog box.

A) Winword.exe

B) Word.exe

C) Docx.exe

D) Msword.exe

Question No.12 )

A Microsoft Office user who has been certified by Microsoft is called MOS. What is the full

A) Microsoft Office Specialist

B) Microsoft Office Superior

C) Microsoft Office Special

D) None of these

Question No.13 )

Name the application under the MS Office software bundle, that we use to create audio-visual presentations.

A) MS Powerpoint

B) MS Access

C) PowerPoin

D) MS Excel

Question No.14 )

Which one is the spreadsheet application that comes with MS Office software group?

A) MS Excel

B) MS Access

C) MS Word

D) MS Access

Question No.15 )

We can apply the border to

A) Cell

B) Paragraph

C) Table

D) All of These

Question No.16 )

What is the shortcut key to open the Open dialog box?

A) AlT+F12

B) Shift F12

C) Alt + F12

D) Ctrl + F12

Question No.17 )

You cannot close MS Office application by

A) Close from File Menu

B) Pressing Altt+F4

C) Exit from the File menu

D) Clicking [X] Button

Question No.18 )

By default, Footers are printed on :

A) All Pages

B) Even Pages

C) Last Page

D) First Page

Question No.19 )

The options Portrait and Landscape come under

A) Page Orientation

B) Page Rotation

C) Page Layout

D) Paper Size

Question No.20 )

Which shortcut make selected text Italic?

A) Cal+A

B) Ctrl +I

C) Ctrl+V

D) Ctrl +S

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